Shackle K & Nautos Pulley

T-close K, multi-use universal and secured textile shackle with adjustable loop.

The Nautos Tie-on pulley is higly resistant and extremely light. The Tie-on pulleys are compact with a very high working load offering an easy and safe adjustment.

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Pulley Tie-on Nautos

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the Nautos Tie-on pulley is very light as there is no rivet nor metal shackle. To do an easy height adjustment, you can use the adjustable shackle T-close K  as fixing system for the pulley. 

+ Use
  • Multi-purpose, universal adjustable shackle for pulleys.
  • Adjust the loop length; slide the T-close cleat and lock with the Grip© knot
  • Easy to install and open, even after heavy load
  • Pulley for all types of ropes
  • Reliable, maintenance-free

Data sheet

  • T-close® fastener ¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA
  • Rope 100% Dyneema R2 pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey/black
  • Strength certified by Veritas
  • Pulley made up of composite
  • Balls made up of resin, anti UV

Product Details

Description Breaking Load

 Recommended rope Ø
Weight Sail area
Kg gr 40 nds /m²
Tie-on K 20 400 4/6 0.8 6/8
Tie-on K 30 500 6/8 1.2 8/12
Tie-on K 40 700 8/10 1.4 12/14


  • No ropework, easy and quick to install
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • The flexibility of textile ensures that the work is in the axis of the forces 
  • 10 times lighter than a stainless steel shackle with the same resistance
  • Excellent resistance to chafing
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • Corrosion free