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Loop and Ring « Textile strop with ring »

LR® is a loop made of Dyneema® R2 with a low-friction ring.

This textile loop is easily fixed on the deck plates and toe rail and, using the Nodus friction ring can haul all adjusting ropes.

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LR® is a loop made of Dyneema® R2 with a low-friction ring.  

+ Use
  • Equipment which easily replaces a pulley and can handle heavy static loads.
  • For quick and easy fastening between two elements: mainsail foot, mast foot haulers, barber-hauler, in-hauler, lazy-jack, lazy-bag, hoist 2/1, etc.

Data sheet

  • Textile loop, 100% Dyneema® R2 12 fx pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey / black 
  • Low-friction ring made of Polyacetal - POM ¬ black
  • Splice stitched in Dyneema®  
  • System Block ring finished in ¬ Flexible TPE thermoplastic
  • Strength certified by Veritas

Product Details

Product NameSafe working LoadØ Line LenghtØ InterneØ Rope Recommended 
SWL Lark's head knot R2 Straight Ring Haliard/Listening
Kg mm cm mm mm
LR 3 1300 3 9 10 4/6
LR 4 2100 4 11 14 8/10
LR 6 3400 6 14 20 12/14


  • The flexibility of textile ensures that the work is in the axis of the forces
  • Easy to install ¬ Fastening ¬ lark’s head knot
  • Easily replaces a pulley on a deck plate or a Pad-eye 
  • Rotation over 360°
  • Excellent weight/strength ratio
  • Reliable and maintenance free