Cuillère de Trap

Trap®, Textile trapeze regatta ring


Trap®, Soft textile trapeze ring, with friction pulley  Nodus Factory  


*Length loop  155 mm

*Thimble 20 mm

*For rope diameter 8 mm maximum  


Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.

Price according to size, VAT included, 1 unit


Trap®, Textile trapeze regatta  ring Nodus Factory


  • Lightweight, exceptional weight / resistance
  • Does not damage the supports (bridge, mast, boom)
  • Keep efforts perfectly aligned
  • Friction pulley
  • No corrosion


Soft trapeze regata ring with pulley friction to help height adjustment


Developed and manufactured in France, PA and Dyneema K78 12 fx coated are materials known for their mechanical properties and proven performance.


Composition, materials:


*Rope , 100% Dyneema® SK78 12 fx, coated- Color Light Grey

     Elongation < 1%

     Temperature performance : 80 °C (100 % BL at 80°C)

*Elastomer  : Shape Memory Polymers – Color Black

*Friction pulley / thimble – Aluminium




Product Name

Ø Rope

Dyneema K78 12fx

Ø ring/ friction pulley

 Ø rope max





Trap Black

3 mm

20 mm

8 mm

155 mm

10 gr


Trap Orange

3 mm

20 mm

8 mm

155 mm

10 gr