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T-bat K, Self-locking adjustable fender attachment

  • T-b 8 K
  • T-b 10K


Origin and place of manufacture: France-Brittany.  

Price according to size, Box of 2





Link T-bat K, Self-locking adjustable attachment for fender.Box of 2


Nodus Factory has developed T-bat K the only self-locking adjustable fender attachment .

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Developed and manufactured in France, Polyamid and Polyester 12 fx are materials known for their mechanical properties and proven performance.


  • T-bat K,Self-locking adjustable fender attachment advantageously replaces knots,  shackles and carabinersSize from 6 to 10 mm


Noder :  Action to rig  boat with an adjustable fastening device by Nodus Factory


Advantages :

  • Operational and practical to fix and settle fenders
  • Suitable for all types of fenders (rings, through etc ..) or buoys
  • Implementation and easy adjustment, that never jams
  • Self-locking
  • Safe
  • Highly resistant
  • Ultra-light
  • Very good UV resistance
  • No corrosion

The only self-locking adjustable fender attachment that sustainably secure at all times your fenders to protect boats.


Use the Cap, Grip knots on the device according to your use.




Adjustable, high performance, ultra-light, innovative, safe, effective, and foolproof.
Replaces knots and clam cleats
Implementations, regulations and easy openings which never jam.


Product Name

Ø Rope*

Polyester 12fx

WLL rope**

BL rope***

Adjustable Loop




T-b8 K

6/8 mm/L 0.75 ml*

550 daN

1100 daN

35/75 cm



T-b10 K

8/10 mm/L 0.85 ml*

800 daN

1600 daN

30/48 cm S

42/85 cm L*


* Loop length according to size S/L

**WLL-Working Load Limit

***BL-Breaking Load


Composition, materials :


Rope, 100% polyester 12 fx, coated- Color Light Grey

Piece T-bat, 100% Polyamide thermoplastics technically of high quality (TTQ) Color Black

It distinguishes itself by the fact that the taking of typical humidity of polyamides barely affects it’s mechanical properties. The rigidity and solidity stay at their highest level


Use :


Pass the rope around guardrail.

Cover the T-bat blocking part with eye splice.

Slide the locking part to desired height –  release, it is blocked


Storage :

Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, of −30 à 80°C depending upon the conditions of stress.


Treatment : Rinse in fresh water


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