Snap shackle M T-close S

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Snap shackle on hollow braid E T-close T to splice , rope diameter from 3 to 8 mm  


E T-c3t

E T-c5t

E T-c6t

E T-c8t


  • 45% Lighter than inox 316L
  • 1.5x Stronger than Inox HR
  • 3x Cheaper than a titanium snap shackle
  • Fatigue strength remarkable
  • Abrasion resistant

Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.

Price according to size, VAT included, 1 unit


Snap shackle M T-close S®, Textile snap shackle  – multifunction for running rigging  – textile swivel intended for boaters and demanding skippers.


Our  textile snap shackles are manufactured with T-close piece on performance ropes, completed with textile or elastomer cover


Developed and manufactured in France, PA and Dyneema K78 12 fx coated are materials known for their mechanical properties and proven performance.


  • The  textile snap shackles M T-close replace advantageously knots, shackles and carabiners. Size from 3 to 8 mm demo clip


Advantages :

  • Lightweight, exceptional weight / resistance
  • Does not damage the supports (bridge, mast, boom)
  • Keep efforts perfectly aligned
  • High resistance to UV and friction 
  • Durable, efficient, ultra-light, innovative mounting, safe, effective, quick.
  • Advantageously replaces knots, shackles and metallic snap shackles.
  • Easy opening with red line
  • Free rotation of the snap shackle thanks to the swivel textile ring
  • No corrosion


Composition, materials :


*Piece T-close, 100% Polyamide thermoplastics technically of high quality (TTQ), Color Black.

*Rope, 100% Dyneema SK78 12 fx, coated- Color Light grey

     Elongation < 1%

     Temperature performance : 80 °C (100 % BL at 80°C)

*Textile cover : polyester oversheath, expandable braided permanently elastic sheath

     High resistance to UV and friction – Color Black



Product Name

Ø rope*

Dyneema SK78 12fx

BL T-close*

Breaking load

WLL rope*

Working Load Limit







M T-c3 s

3 mm

960 daN

450 daN

100 mm

20 mm

15 mm

4 gr


M T-c5 s

5 mm

2000 daN

1000 daN

150 mm

30 mm

25 mm

22 gr


M T-c6 s

6 mm

2840 daN

1400 daN

160 mm

35 mm

30 mm

34 gr


M T-c8 s

8 mm

4170 daN

2100 daN

180 mm

40 mm

30 mm

68 gr

*WLL-Working Load Limit  *BL-Breaking Load T-close

1 daN = 1,019 Kg

Tested at LIMATB -september 2016



  • Respect the WLL according to the type of rope
  • Do not use for human safety
  • Do not use the T-close alone for any other use or adaptation
  • Do not use for standing rigging without notice and verification by a professional rigger.
  • Use appropriate knots® Nodusfactory™ according to your use of devices.


  • Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, from −30 to 80 °C depending upon the conditions of stress


Treatment : Rinse in fresh water