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Halyard shackle T-close ¬ Mouflette ®

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Specific Halyard shackle T-close , rope up to  15 mm -“Mouflette”


  • Mouflette M & R 3 dia int 8 mm
  • Mouflette M & R 4 dia int 10 mm
  • Mouflette M & R 5 dia int 15 mm

  • 45% Lighter than inox 316L
  • 5x stronger than HR stainless steel
  • 3x Less expensive than a titanium shackle
  • Fatigue strength remarkable
  • Abrasion resistant


Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.

Price according to size, VAT included, 1 unit


Specific Halyard shackle T-close¬ “Mouflette”® , rope up to  15 mm 


Our textile shackles are manufactured with T-close part on performance ropes.


Advantages :

  • Ease of use
  • Weight gain.
  • Remarkable work and breaking loads.
  • 1.5 x more resistant than titanium.
  • Exceptional weight / resistance ratio
  • Reliable and maintenance-free


Any type of use on your sailboat, quick and easy fixing.

Ideal for the halyard of your staysail, or your gennaker on furler requiring high tensions, This “mouflette” Nodus  is very light and resistant to heavy loads


Performance and lightness:

Powerful, lightweight, and durable the rings are crimped ® to ensure a good hold over time.

Very resistant, they are used in high load applications and easily replace a pulley.


Use :

Use for Mainsail Halyard.

Replacement of furler endings.

For all types of use on the deck of your sailboat.

Mast foot, reefing guide, barber-hauler, re-entry, in-hauler, lazy jack, hoist, backstay etc …


Technical :

  • 3 sizes available 
  • Very high strength, low weight
  • Suitable for all types of ropes

Materials: Aluminum with hard anodization for superior durability


Composition, materials :

Textile shackle : Rope, 100% Dyneema SK78 12 fx, coated- Color Light grey +

Piece T-close, 100% Polyamide thermoplastics (TTQ) Reinforced with fiberglass, Color Black.S1

Ring : Mirror polished aluminum ring and hard anodized- orange or black





Ø rope


Breaking load  *

Product length



M & R 3

3 mm

960 daN

7 cm

8 gr


M & R 4

4 mm

1897 daN

9 cm

16 gr


M & R 5

5 mm

2000 daN

12 cm

24 gr

  • Respect the WLL according to the type of rope
  • Do not use for human safety
  • Do not use the T-close alone for any other use or adaptation
  • Do not use for standing rigging without notice and verification by a professional rigger.
  • Use appropriate knots® Nodusfactory™ according to your use of devices.

Storage :

Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, of −30 à 80°C depending upon the conditions of stress.

Treatment : Rinse in fresh water


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