part T-lazy ®


T-lazy, piece of self-locking adjustable cleat for lazy-bag tie and lazy-jack

  • T-l 3 


Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.  

Unit price excluding assembly – VAT included – 

For assembly, check our tutorials or your nearest rigger


T-lazy®, Part for self-locking adjustable for quick adjustment for lazy-bag, lazy jack rope,  and other links


Nodus Factory has developed the only piece of self-locking adjustable cleat for lazy-bag, lazy-jack, rope, tie, etc.


Developed and manufactured in France, Polyamid is a material known for its mechanical properties and proven performance.


    • T-lazy®, piart of self-locking adjustable quick adjustment for lazy-bag, lazy jack rope,  links, advantageously replace knots, cleats. Size from to 3 to  5 mm.


Noder :  Action to rig  boat with an adjustable fastening device by Nodus Factory



  • Operational and practical to adjust the lazy-bags, the lazy-jacks and various links
  • Implementation, easy adjustment of the lazy
  • Self-locking
  • Safe
  • Highly resistant
  • Opening and closing easy that never jam even under very heavy loads
  • Ultra-light
  • Very good UV resistance
  • No corrosion

Use the  Cover or Grip knots on the device according to your use.


Characteristics :


Adjustable, high performance, ultra-light, innovative, safe, effective, and foolproof.

Replaces the knots and the clam cleats.

Implementation, easy adjustment of the lazy.

No corrosion.



Product Name

Advised Rope Ø

WLL Rope*


BL T-lazy**



A x B



Weight piece


T-l 3

3 mm

550 daN

En cours

19 x 13 mm

7 mm




*WLL-Working Load Limit

**BL-Breaking Load


Composition, materials :


Piece T-lazy, 100% Polyamid thermoplastics technically of high quality (TTQ) Colour Black

It distinguishes itself by the fact that the taking of typical humidity of polyamides barely affects it’s mechanical properties. The rigidity and solidity stay at their the highest level.


Use :


Respect the WLL following the type of rope used.

Not suitable as a boom holding (topping).

Do not use for personal safety.

Do not use the T-Lazy for any other use or adaptation.

Use the Cap knot or Cover,

Use the Grip knot in rough seas


Storage :

Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, of −30 à 80 °C depending upon the conditions of stress.


Treatment : Rinse in fresh water.




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