Loop D®

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Loop D®, strap, textile ring Nodus Factory ® Dyneema 

  • Loop D3 mm
  • Loop D5 mm
  • Loop D8 mm

Size from  20 to 80 cm  


Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.

Price according to size, VAT included, 1 unit


Loop, strap, textile ring Nodus Factory ®  Dyneema

  • Ideal to fix pulley or friction ring
  • Does not damage the supports (bridge, mast, boom)
  • Lightweight, exceptional weight / resistance
  • Keep efforts perfectly aligned
  • No corrosion

Certified manufacture :


*Both ends are lashed, crossed and butted inside.

*The junction / intersection of lashing is locked and protected by molded polyethene (biodegradable).

*The secure connection ensures good stability over time and prevents any slippage of the two ends

Design and manufacture in France


Composition, materials :


Rope , 100% Dyneema® SK78 12 fx, coated- Color Light Grey

-Elongation < 1%

-Temperature performance : 80 °C (100 % BL at 80°C)

-Secure lashing: Molded Polyethylene – Black color


Product name

Ø rope

Dyneema SK78 12fx

BL rope**

Breaking load

BL Loop**

Breaking load

BL Loop**

Breaking load

BL Loop**

Breaking load


Simple direct


Vertical Brassiere


Coefficient 1

Coefficient 0.8

Coefficient 2


Loop D3

3 mm

1100 daN

1100 daN

880 daN

 2200 daN


Loop D5

5 mm

2500 daN

2500 daN

2000 daN

 5000 daN


Loop D8

8 mm

6500 daN

6500 daN

5200 daN

13000 daN

*WLL-Working Load Limit according to use

**BL-Breaking Load T-smile

Tested at LIMATB -21 Mars 2016



  • Respect the WLL according to the type of rope
  • Do not use for human safety
  • Do not use for standing rigging without notice and verification by a professional rigger.
  • Protect textiles rings from sharp edges and aggressive metal parts



  • Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, from −30 to 80 °C depending upon the conditions of stress
  • Dyneema -30°c à 80°C
  • Technora -30°c à 200°C
  • Polyethene– 40° à 140°


Treatment : Rinse in fresh water


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