Snap shackle on hollow braid L T-close T

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Snap shackle on hollow braid L T-close T to splice , rope diameter from 3 to 8 mm  


L T-c3t

L T-c5t

L T-c6t

L T-c8t

  • 45% Lighter than inox 316L
  • 1.5x Stronger than Inox HR
  • 3x Cheaper than a titanium snap shackle
  • Fatigue strength remarkable
  • Abrasion resistant

Origin and place of manufacture:  France-Brittany.

Price according to size, VAT included, 1 unit


Snap shackle on hollow braid L T-close ® T, textile lanyard/carabiner  intented for boaters and demanding skippers.

Demo clip “swivel”


Our  textile snap shackles/lanyard are manufactured with T-close piece on performance ropes


Developed and manufactured in France, PA and Dyneema K78 12 fx coated are materials known for their mechanical properties and proven performance.


  • The textile Snap shackle on hollow braid L T-close replace advantageously knots, shackles and carabiners. Size from 3 to 8 mm
  • Hollow braid to splice on sheet
  • For halyards, sheets and spinnaker

Noder :  Action to rig  boat with an adjustable fastening device by Nodus Factory


Advantages :

  • Durable, efficient, ultra-light, innovative mounting, safe, effective, quick.
  • Advantageously replaces knots, shackles and metallic snap shackles.
  • Easy opening with link or covered lanyard
  • Remarkable working and breaking  loads
  • No corrosion


Composition, materials :


Piece T-close, 100% Polyamide thermoplastics technically of high quality (TTQ), Color Black.

Rope, 100% Dyneema SK78 12 fx, coated- Color Light grey

Elongation < 1%

Temperature performance : 80 °C (100 % BL at 80°C)

Textile cover : polyester

Polyester oversheath, expandable braided permanently elastic sheath

High resistance to UV and friction – Color Black


Characteristics : 



Product Name

Ø rope*

Dyneema SK78 12fx

BL T-close**

Breaking load

WLL rope*

Working Load Limit





L T-c3 t

3 mm

960 daN

450 daN

250 mm

10 g


L T-c5 t

5 mm

2000 daN

1000 daN

300 mm

30 g


L T-c6 t

6 mm

2840 daN

1400 daN

310 mm

42 g


L T-c8 t

8 mm

4170 daN

2100 daN

330 mm

89 g

*WLL-Working Load Limit  *BL-Breaking Load T-close

1 daN = 1,019 Kg

Tested at LIMATB – September 2016



  • Respect the WLL according to the type of rope
  • Do not use for human safety
  • Do not use the T-close alone for any other use or adaptation
  • Do not use for standing rigging without notice and verification by a professional rigger.
  • Use appropriate knots® Nodusfactory™ according to your use of devices.


  • Nothing particular, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, from −30 to 80 °C depending upon the conditions of stress

Treatment : Rinse in fresh water