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Padeye textile | Pad-SXc®


Textile pad eye round to stick on, Padeye® SXc


SX 45 mm | Strength up to 200kg

SX 55 mm with bague-block | Strength up to 350kg

Optional: Nodus Loc® glue - 1 tube (12ml) for 4 to 6 pads

PA / Polyester® / fibrous bioplastic polyamide (recyclable)

Nodus Loc

See features below
designation : Padeye-Sx
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Textile pad eye round to stick on, Padeye® SX

  • Quick and easy to install, your Nodus-Padeye SX, will support up to 350kg depending on model 
  • Its oval shape allows the padeye to be placed optimally according to the angle and direction of the load.
+ Use
  • Multi-purpose textile padlock to hang or to hook all your equipment in or on your boat, banners, canvases, storage pockets, bails with ends, light manoeuver returns, etc.
  • Install easily and anywhere on the desk, on the mast or on the boom,…

Data sheet

  • Padeye SX in technical PA filled with glass fiber.
  • Length 45 mm & Width 35 mm - Thickness 6mm in the center / 3mm at the ends
  • Stainless steel ring, to hold the textile loop
  • Textile loop in polyester fiber
  • Mounting with Nodus-Loc® bi-component adhesive for high load or Sikaflex 292i adhesive

Product Details

Product nameTearing ChargeDimensionRope
Glue Loop length Diameter
KG mm mm
Pad SX 45 200 kg 25 3
Pad SX 55 350 kg 35 3

Glue OptionVolumeQuantity
Nodus-Loc® 12 12 ml 4 to 6 padeyes According to support


  • Easy installation, thanks to our bi-component glue
  • Textile strands length adjustable according to your needs
  • Optimized ergonomics, no protruding or aggressive part
  • Versability and flexibility whatever the angle of traction
  • Can also be targeted Stainless steel screws 316 L: 2.9 mm / 18 mm (not supplied)
  • Reliable and maintenance-free