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Opening Pulley | Po® Hi-Tech


The PO® Hi-Tech Nodus opening block is ultra-light and compact for high workloads.

This opening block is the perfect solution for your barbers and in-haulers on your sailboat. Its opening system means you can handle the block with just one hand.

Supplied with a Dyneema® textile shackle T.

Materials: Composites | Connectors : Dyneema® /  Polymers

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Nodus Block

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The PO® Hi-Tech Nodus Factory opening pulley stands out for its high strength and extreme lightness.

  • They offer an exceptional workload in an extremely compact package.
  • Supplied with our T® shackle in Dyneema®, specially designed for use with wire rope pulleys.

+ Use

Textile Dyneema shackle specially designed for pulleys. 

Easy to use ¬ Closure ¬ Cap® knot ¬ Quick opening even under heavy load 

+ Repairability

Category 3 reparability

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)

Data sheet

High-strength, ultra-light Hi-tech snatch block

  • Composite pulley body
  • Moulded swivel flanges in HD Polymer
  • I-Tech & PA 6.6 composite sheave
  • Dynamic ball bearing
  • Double row of 316 stainless steel balls

Dyneema® textile connector 

  • DSK78 12 plaits, coated and pre-stretched
  • T-close® connector ¬ Pa Tech glass-fiber reinforced

Product Details

Description Breaking Load  recommended rope Ø
Lenghth under the pulley Weight
Kg mm cm gr
Pulley PO 20 400 4 5,5 19
Pulley PO 30 500 6 7 31
Pulley PO 40 700 8/10 7 67


  • No ropework, easy and quick to install
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • The flexibility of textile ensures that the work is in the axis of the forces 
  • 10 times lighter than a stainless steel shackle with the same resistance
  • Excellent resistance to chafing
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • Corrosion free