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Dyneema® textile loop with friction ring - LR®


Loop and ring®, Nodusfactory low friction rings are available with a dyneema® loop connector. It can be easily and quickly installed on chainplates, bridges, and jib rails with a simple lark's head knot.

This textile loop is easy, simple to use and resistant. (Static use : Resin ring | Dynamic use : Aluminium ring)

Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Flexible TPE / Polymer / Duralumin

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Product Name

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LR® is a loop made of Dyneema (Nodex® R2) and is available in 2 models, either with a low friction ring with a wide opening, or with a duralumin ring FrD

+ Use
  • Allows you to create halyard or sheeting leads.
  • A deck fittings accessory that easily replaces a pulley and resists high static loads.
  • A textile connector, loop Dyneema®, which allows a quick attachment between two elements: mainsail edge, sails, barber-haulers, in-haulers, etc.
+ Nodus & Tips Use

Nodusfactory™ anti-friction® rings and Dyneema® loops are Made in France and made in our workshops.

Data sheet

  • Low friction ring in hardened anodized aluminum ¬ black or grey
  • Spliced loop in Dyneema® reference Nodex® R2 12fx pre-stretched and smeared ¬ Light grey / black

Replacement accessories :

Product Details

  • Duralumin friction ring
Product NameBreaking LoadLenghtØ InterneØ Rope Recommended
CMU Straight Ring Halyard /Sheet
Kg cm mm mm
LR 4 1800 11 14 8/12
LR 5 5000 14 20/25 12/20
  • Open friction ring
Product NameBreaking LoadLenghtØ InterneØ Rope Recommended 
TH Ring Straight Ring Halyard/Sheet
Kg cm mm mm
Angle 0° - 90° - 180° TH
LR 4 1800 - 1250 - 900 11 14 6/8
LR 5 3000 - 2150 - 1500 14 20 8/10


  • Easy to install ¬ Fastening ¬ lark’s head knot
  • Rotation over 360°
  • Excellent weight/strength ratio "High workload"
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • Veritas certified strength