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Dyneema® textile shackle - T Close K® - Adjustable


T-close K, multi-use universal textile shackle with adjustable loop. Adjustable textile loop, usable in numerous situations, the "Swiss Army knife" of your boat.

It fits with our Nodus Factory friction rings(Fr® static use / FrD® dynamic use)

Ring Fr®   Ring FrD®

Materials: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers

See features below
t-close k shackle: maximum resistance

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The K  universal soft shackle, with Adjustable Loop is easy to use, very lightweight and withstands heavy loads.
This product can be customized.

We offer 2 types of Dyneema® shackles depending on the use you intend to make of them: 

  • Standard, the pre-stretched and smeared Dyneema® textile shackle.
  • Technical, the Dyneema® textile shackle with a Dyneema® sheath sock for reinforced protection against abrasion.
+ Uses
  • Multi-purpose, universal adjustable shackle for pulleys, boom, sheets, halyards, sails, lazy-bag, etc.
  • Adjustable loop length; slide the T-close cleat and lock with the Grip© knot
  • Easy to install and open, even after heavy load
  • Reliable, maintenance-free
+ Spreadability
  • Repairability category 1 - routine & technical use

Repairability index - (Link to explanatory table)


Data sheet

  • T-close® fastener ¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA
  • Rope 100% Dyneema R2 pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey/black
  • Strength certified by Veritas
  • Block® ring, clamping and holding ring, made of flexible thermoplastic TPE, which allows to block and fix quickly a ring with low friction.

Interchangeable accessories :

Nodusfactory™ textile shackles are Made in France and made in our workshops by our expert shackle makers.

Product Details

Product NameBreaking LoadAdjustable loopØ RingWeightSail Aera
Straight Mini/maxi Adviced 40 nds
kg cm mm gr
K2 380 1/7 - 2 10
K3 750 2/9 Fr14 / FrD14 4 21
K5 1900 3/10 Fr14 / FrD14 14 52
K6 2600 4/12 Fr20 / FrD20-25 26 71
K8 4800 5/17 FrD20-25 56 132


  • Multi-usage through its adjustable loop
  • Locking secured under load and at no load
  • Structural ending: it can be used as a loop for taking up force ¬ fastening in lark’s head knot or Prusic/Machart knot
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • Excellent resistance to chafing
  • No corrosion

Nodus and tricks

  • Can easily resolve a sheet winch jam (see Nodus Factory YouTube tutorial)