Man and his safety must be the first concern of any technological adventure.


Innovative, revolutionary, leadership.

The heart of our business is the manufacture and distribution of textile marine hardware and fasteners devices products, such as handling, lifting, lashing, … developed under worldwide patent..

Our product range of marine hardware is built around the ropes and slings (round or flat), textile lashings, to lifting and pulling accessories.

Manufacturing :

Materials, design, standards, traceability

Standardized raw materials and worldwide patents under French Manufacturing guarantee the entire production rigorous traceability in accordance with standards ..

New generation of production equipment, to meet needs of new market demands for design, standards, traceability.

Injection technology, digital printing and cutting by ultrasound

Social responsibility :

French production.

Installation in sheltered workshops;

Environmental bias (the materials are recycled or bio-compostable according to the purpose of our products);

Ergonomic design research and reflection (beautiful and practical);

Vision and industrial process advanced (associated with the production 3D printer) are the values that led to the creation of

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