Adjustable fender cleat for boats | T-bat®


T-bat® is an innovative solution for quickly and easily attaching fenders to dies. This textile device allows precise installation and adjustment in seconds, without the need for complex knots.

T-bat® is compatible with a wide range of fenders and tusks, as well as with different die diameters.

Easy to use:
Pass the estrope around the die.
Cover the T-bat® locking piece with the loop of the textile tie.
Slide the connector to the desired height.
Take up and tighten the tie, then release it to lock the connector.

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Product Name
loop reglable

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E T-bat ¬ Adjustable estrope ¬ For fenders and boat fenders
Can be attached freely to lifelines, balconies and handrails
Prevents knots

Installation :

  1. Pass estrope around die
  2. Place the textile loop on the T-bat connector, depending on the choice of "Cap® " or "Grip® " knot.
  3. Adjust the height by sliding the connector, release the tie, it's locked.

Data sheet

  • T-bat® connector ¬ Movable locking piece, in Pa Tech
  • Rope, 100% sizing polyester ¬ Light grey or black


  1. Pass the strop around the die
  2. Cover the T-bat locking piece with the loop of the textile tie
  3. Slide the connector to the desired height, take up and tighten the tie, release the ties to lock.

Product Details

Bloqueur textile pour pare battage

Advantages :

  • Quick installation and adjustment: Saves time and effort.
  • No knots: simplicity of use and increased safety.
  • Precise adjustment: Optimum positioning of fenders.
  • Reliable locking: Holds in place even in difficult conditions.
  • UV and weather resistant: Increased durability.
  • Versatile: Compatible with a wide range of applications.