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Pulley & Nub

Discover our selection of Nodus Factory pulleys and NUB. Ideal for sailboats, dinghies and catamarans. Different sizes are available. 

Pulleys have evolved over the last few years towards a new method of attachment that is more efficient than the stainless steel shackle: lashing and the dyneema® textile shackle.

The main evolution is that for a pulley with textile fastening the forces pass directly through the center of the pulley "the sheave" which improves the resistance of the pulley and reduces the risk of breakage.

Advantages of the pulleys with textile fixing:

  1. In case of sheave breakage, the load is maintained by the lashing or the textile shackle.
  2. The shape and design of the pulleys require fewer parts
  3. Lighter and stronger
  4. No corrosion and no maintenance
  5. Automatic load alignment

Check that the lashing or textile shackle is attached to a trigger guard or chainplate with rounded edges.

Pulley & Nub | Nodus Factory

Pulley & Nub

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Textile shackle pulley

Textile shackle pulley

The Nodus Factory™ Textile Shackle Pulley is strong, secure, simple and effective. Ultra resistant this pulley is made of composite materials, it can be used for the adjustment of sheet carriages, step hoists or crow's feet any rigging system requiring the use of lightweight pulleys. Textile pulleys with fixation by transfilage, Dyneema® textile loop connector or ideally with our Dyneema® T2 / T3 textile shackle Materials: Composites | Connectors: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers Uses: Sheet cars, hoists, bridle blocks, turnbuckles, deck plans, mast step Shackle for pulley

Price From €16.51
Opening Pulley - PO

Opening Pulley - PO

Nodus Factory  T® Shackle Opening Pulley. This pulley with pivoting cheeks is light, simple and reliable.  It allows to quickly fix the pulley while resisting to heavy loads. Materials: Composites | Connectors: Dyneema® / UHMWPE / Polymers

Price From €38.90
Friction ring - Nodus-NUB®

Friction ring - Nodus-NUB®

The NUB friction ring is a spherical friction pulley for ropes up to 12 mm. The NUB friction ring can be used in many applications and on all types of non-aggressive Dyneema® ropes thanks to its design and intrinsic lubrication. Discover examples of applications of the Nodus NUB pulley with its textile connectors (textile shackle, loop, erse, lock and hook) in the   PLUG & SAIL  category. Material : High temperature thermoplastic  / PA66

Price From €7.92