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Our soft strops are made of Nodex® R2 12 fx pre-stretched and coated¬ Light grey / black, ready for splicing onto halyards and sheets.

  1. Our snap shackles are designed for specific purposes and come in several sizes depending on the sail type and surface area 
  2. Choose your snap-shackle according to your need 
  3. Nodusfactory™ soft shackles have many advantages: lightweight, mechanically resistant, UV resistant and offer excellent chafe resistance.


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Quick carabiner

Strops Quick carabiner

The T-close carabiner snap-shackle on ready-to-use strop is easy to use, quick to open and very lightweight. The soft loop can be hooked directly into the clew or tack This product can be custom ordered.

Price From €18.84
Trigger snap-shackle

Strops Trigger snap-shackle

The T-drop® trigger snap-shackle on attachable strop is designed for downwind sail sheets, requires no opening pinch, is easy to use and very lightweight. Option  :  Textile Block®   TEXTILE BLOCK

Price From €29.38
Universal Eye on Strop

Universal Eye on Strop

The E-eye strop is a universal soft strop, ready to be used, designed to quickly attach shackle, snap-shackle, etc. It benefits from an elastic link of retaining ring, Nub,... This product is delivered with the Block® Nodus Factory ring.

Price From €12.59
Halyard & Sheet Hank

Halyard & Sheet Hank

E T-sail is a textile snap shackle with a T-sail "dog bone", fitted on a strop ready to be spliced directly onto the sheet. Very easy to install by splicing onto a sheet with a core made of hollow braid. ⛵  Textile Block Offered !  ⛵

Price From €30.35