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Snap Shackles

Our snap shackles are easy-opening, releasable or load-releasable and can be used on halyards, sheets and for other ancillary purposes on your boat

  1. Our snap shackles are designed for specific purposes and come in several sizes depending on the sail type and surface area 
  2. Choose your shackle according to your need 
  3. Nodusfactory™ soft shackles have many advantages: lightweight, mechanically resistant, UV resistant and offer excellent chafe resistance.

Snap Shackles


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  • Product Name: T-lock 3
Textile Snap-shackle T-Lock®

Textile Snap-shackle T-Lock®

The  T-lock®  is a multiuse textil snap shackle, with a safety locking system. You can perfectly fasten it to halyards, sheets, eye straps, rings and others. Adding a low friction ring , you transform the T-Lock snap shackle into a snatch block friction. - Resin ring for static use with "soft" rope -  Duralumin ring for dynamic use.  Option :  Friction Ring (T-Lock 3 > FR14 - FrD14 / T-Lock 6 > FR20 - FrD20/25)  Resin FR Duralumin FrD

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